New Legal Resources


Thank you to all the members that attended the Spring Conference in Chelan. We would like to take this opportunity to recap the new PPSIG format moving forward. As you know, our Executive Director Diana Godwin has retired. This service cost our membership over 40k per year, including Executive Director services, legal advice, and legal services at a discounted rate.

Currently, PPSIG has hired Gwen Simons, PT and Lawyer, to provide the following legal services:
- “Q&A” service via email or phone for PPSIG members to get quick answers or advice on general practice issues and /or federal law including but not limited to Medicare or HIPAA issues.
- Provide live virtual “Q&A” sessions exclusively for PPSIG members every 3rd Monday of the month at noon. Zoom links will be emailed.
- Discounted rates for members to join “Practice Management Network” or “Cash Practice Membership Program”-optional.
- Individual legal services for which Gwen is appropriately licensed to provide, offered at a discounted rate.

This service will cost the membership 5k per year.

Contact info: cell 207-205-2045

Also, additional legal services will be provided by Adelstein, Sharpe, and Serka Attorneys at Law located in Bellingham, WA. This firm specializes in Malpractice, Medical License Issues, Business, and Employment Law and has agreed to work with our membership.

Contact info: 360-671-65656
Mitch Faber- Business Law
Jeff Fairchild- Employment Law

This new format has decreased the membership yearly expenses and therefore principal dues were reduced from $300 to $150. The Board thanks you for your patience with this process. We believe this new PPSIG format will continue to provide excellent legal service options at a reduced rate for our membership. We are interested in growing this legal network, so please feel free to suggest any resources to the board!

Brian Cronin, Jeremy Cornwell, Amy Sanderson, Megan Douglas, Elizabeth Rogers